10 Benefits of Sunshine Bathing

  • My Introduction:
  • Vijay Wadagbalkar Your Mentor for realizing benefits of Sungazing
    Vijay Wadagbalkar Your Mentor for realizing the benefits of Sungazing


I am Vijay Wadagbalkar, Your Mentor on how to get 10 benefits of sunshine bathing.

  1. I am Vijay Wadagbalkar, a Company Secretary with 25 years of corporate experience as a Company Secretary, now turned into a Health Care Professional, and can certainly help you get 10 benefits of 15 minutes Sunshine Bathing.
  2. I am a Professionally Certified Diabetes Educator from Indo Vietnam Medical Board and a Brahmavidya Children’s Course Teacher. (https://brahmavidya.net)
  3. I am also  a Network Of Influenza Care Expert (NICE) and as a TEAM of 500+ NICE Experts, we have cured 50,000+ Carona +ve patients with zero medicines, zero hospitalization and zero mortality by using the technique of fasting under the Mentorship of Dr Biswaroop Chowdhari (https://Drbiswaroop.com),
  4. ¨Hi, Friends, I am  glad to inform you that by following a DIP DIET  (Disciplined Individual Person) plan  of DR Biswaroop   Choudhari, and;
  5.  also adopting the Whole Food Plant-Based Diet (Vega Food) as recommended by Dr Neil Bernard (https://drneilbernard.com.), I am free of my 5 years old Diabetes and High blood pressure problem and most importantly, I am free of 3Ds, Disease, Drugs, and Doctor. You too can do it if you make changes in 3 areas of your Life, your Breath, Your Eating /Exercising, and Your Thinking which will also help in the Reversal of Lifestyle Diseases and without Medicine.

Benefits of Sungazing-:

Sun Benefits beyond Vitamin D;By Dr Eric Borg
Sun Benefits beyond Vitamin D; By Dr Eric Borg


Let me come straight to the point what are the benefits of 15 minutes of sunshine bathing.

Morning Meditation @ Bright sunshine for vitamin D

1. Gets rid of Depression:

Bright sunshine helps the release of endorphins and serotonin, happy chemicals in the brain which results in increased energy levels, further resulting in good quality of sleep and thus get rid of depression.

2. Good quality sleep:

Bright sunshine helps the release of endorphins and serotonin, happy chemicals in the brain which results in increased energy levels, thus resulting in good quality sleep and in turn increases the Body’s immunity.

3. Increased Immunity:

Bright Sunshine helps absorb Vitamin D
Benefits of Brisk Walk in bright sunshine for vitamin D

Benefits of Brisk Walk

Bright sunshine helps the release of happy chemicals viz., serotonin helps increase the body’s immunity, in turn, helps fight covid 19 and other viral fever in a better manner.

4. Weight Reduction:

Bright Sunshine helps in melting away fats in the body thus resulting in a reduction of excess body weight.

5. Regulates Blood Pressure:

Meditation for vitamin D

Exposure to bright sunshine helps regulates the flow of oxygenated blood from the heart to all key organs such as the brain, liver, kidneys and help reducing high blood pressure.

6. Reduction of  Cholostorel Levels:

Exposure to bright sunshine helps reduction of LDL cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, viz., HDL in the body and thus in turn reversal of heart disease.

7. Skin disease:

Uv rays of the sun directly help get rid of psoriasis and other skin diseases.

8. Cancer cure:

Exposure to bright sunshine directly helps in increased immunity which in turn helps to kill the cancer cells in the body and helps cure cancer.



Benefits of Brisk Walk in bright sunshine for vitamin and how to make a habit of at least 15 minutes of morning exposure to bright sunshine so that you can enjoy these amazing benefits.


Sit in a seven-fold squatting position  at  a quiet place where you’re not disturbed  and  just keep your palms facing up, and just  close your eyes . First 5 minutes take a deep breath in and a deep breath out as you exhale. Do a  diafram breathing.

Secondly, For the next five minutes just observe or watch your breathing. Do not control your breath but like a spectator in a drama theatre, just observe your breath coming in and the breath going out at the nostril level. Don’t try to control your breath,  don’t think of any thoughts.

Thirdly, just imagine sunshine is entering into your body from the top of your head, then coming down into your throat , into your chest, your arms, legs, your buttocks,  your legs. and further down to the tips of your toes.

Then imagine the entire body is flooded with prana energy of the sunshine and every single cell of the 70 trillion cells of your body are charged by the Sunshine by the prana energy of sunshine, thus removing all the darkness or diseases from the body, both at a physical, mental and spiritual level.

And while you imagine and feel this light cleansing every single cell of the 70 trillion cells chant the following affirmation -:

I’ am Whole;  I am Prefect,  I am Strong, I am Powerful, I am Loving, I am Harmonious, I am Rich, I am Young, I am happy, I look happy, I feel happy, I am happy. ( repeat each line thrice in the rhythm of your breath and in a voice audible to your own self).

To summarise, first 5 minutes what we did was the deep breathing;  second 5-minutes what we did was we just watched or observed the breath at nostril level and in the last 5 minutes, we Imagined a bright Sunshine entering from the top of your head and reaching to the tips of your toes and cleansing every single part of your body and taking away all the diseases and negativity and making you a happy healthy younger and robust body.

Please practice share this for 15 minutes every day and do share your experience with me and don’t forget to share with your  family members, friends and other relatives.


Thanks for investing your time in reading this article. I hope you do appreciate the amazing benefits of 15 minutes of sunlight exposure can do your body beyond vitamin D absorption and its benefits.

      • P.S: This article is for general information purpose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis and prescription or recommendation. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before consulting a physician. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Mr Vijay Wadagbalkar is not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this site or article.

Is Health your responsibility or that of your Family Doctor?

Health is your Personal Responsibility.

¨Hippocrates, Founder of Modern Medicine has said 2000 years back “ Doctors of the future will not treat the human body with medicine but by food as medicine, thus using the concept of “ food thy be your medicine.”

¨“Get rid of all your lifestyle-related diseases like BP. Diabetes, stroke, and obesity by eating Whole Food Plant-based food- says China Study.

What is a lifestyle disease?

Home-Adopt Healthy Lifestyle To Live Medicine Free & Life Of Abundance.

All diseases which are caused due to wrong Breathing, Wrong Eating or Sleeping or other wrong habits such as smoking or consumption of regular fast foods, high cholesterol or animal products such as red meat, chicken, fish and /or dairy products lead to or are the primary causes of all the lifestyle-related diseases such as Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Heart disease or Type2 Diabetes. You can Learn How  Never To Be Sick Again by adopting a Healthy Lifestyle by adopting the above Tips.

How do 15 minutes of sunshine exposure can prevent a lifestyle disease?

Yes, 15 minutes of sunshine exposure can give you increased immunity for your body due to the release of endorphins and serotonin, happy chemicals in the brain which results in increased energy levels, further resulting in good quality of sleep, get rid of depression, controls blood pressure, cholesterol levels, melts fats in the body thus reduces extra body weight and in turn reverse all lifestyle-related diseases such as Diabetes, obesity, stroke and cancer.






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