How to live life fully?

      • My Introduction-:

        My Introduction-:

        1. Vijay Wadagbalkar , Your Mentor Vijay Wadagbalkar, Your Mentor -How to live life fully.
          1. I am Vijay Wadagbalkar, a Company Secretary with 25 years of corporate experience as Company Secretary now turned into a Health Care Professional and can certainly guide you on How to live life fully.
          3. I am a Professionally Certified Diabetes Educator from Indo Vietnam Medical Board and a Brahmavidya Children’s Course Teacher.
          5. ¨Hi, Friends, I am  glad to inform you that by following a DIP DIET  (Disciplined Individual Person) plan  of DR Biswaroop   Choudhary (
          6.,  I am free of my 5 years old Diabetes and High blood pressure problem and most importantly, I am free of 3Ds, Disease, Drugs, and Doctor. You too can do it if you make changes in 3 areas of your Life, your Breath, Your Eating /Exercising, and Your Thinking which will also help in the Reversal of Lifestyle Diseases without Medicine.
          8. Health is your Personal Responsibility:
          9. ¨Hippocrates, Founder of Modern Medicine has said 2000 years back “ Doctors of the future will not treat the human body with medicine but by food as medicine, thus using the concept of “ food thy be your medicine.”
          11. ¨“Get rid of all your lifestyle-related diseases like BP. Diabetes, stroke, and obesity by eating Whole Food Plant-based food- says China Study.
          13. The conclusion of the China study(the author is Dr T Collin Campbell) is-:¨“ Filling the human body with a high concentration of Chlorophyll and nutrients in its natural state from the plant-based foods leads to complete reversal of all  Lifestyle diseases.
          1. Hello, this is Vijay Wadagbalkar, Healthy Lifestyle & Abundance Expert. I am going to guide you on how to live life fully.
          2.  You must understand that all lifestyle diseases are metabolic syndrome disorder and therefore, all you need to do is change your lifestyle.   
          3. What I mean is a Lifestyle disorder should be dealt with by changes in Lifestyle, i.e. Breath, Eating, Exercising, and Thinking, and not through the medicine route.
          4. You may not be aware but it is a fact of life that the third largest cause of death after a heart attack and cancer is ADR, i.e adverse drug reaction.
          5.  Excessive use of medicine causes liver failure.(the Liver is your second brain) and due to liver failure, one of the key organs of your body namely the heart, brain, or kidney fails and death takes place.
          6. The message of the Founder of Modern Medicine  Hippocrates” Doctors of the future will not treat the human body with medicine but Food Thy by being Your Medicine.” 
            1. Therefore, you must not take the route of allopathic medicine to get rid of your disease as allopathic medicine only give and /or deal with symptoms and give only symptomatic relief without addressing the root cause of the lifestyle diseases.
            2.  On the contrary, if you eat the right food i.e. fruits and vegetables,  which mainly comprises lots of fibre, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients no disease would ever remain in your body as food become medicine then and you don’t need to eat medicine separately.
            3.  Therefore, if you want to live a medicine-free healthy life and add 10 plus years to your life adopt the route of eating Whole Food Plant-Based Diet or DIP DIET and eliminate all animal products including milk and Milk products, eliminate processed food, eliminate or minimize intake of salt, oil and sugar. and you will see that your energy level are substantially High.
            4. Vegan Diet for Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes
            5.  You will live a disease-free, medicine-free long life and if you also change your breath and your thoughts by practising Brahmavidya Spiritual Breathing Exercises and Meditation ( visit website: ) you will attract not only HEALTH but also Attract Abundance in Every Area of Your Life.
            6. Eliminate all animal products including milk and Milk products, eliminate processed food.
            7. 8 Pointers on How to live life fully-:

            9. 1.Have Faith:

            10. Faith means  Trust, which means you should believe in your own self first. 
            11. You should believe that life is full of passion and energy so if you believe that you have enough energy if you have plenty of time so that you live life with energy and enthusiasm.
            12. 2. Have a Happy Family:

            13. add a second element you should have a happy family you should make your immediate family members your spouse or children can be very happy.
            14. 3. Have Loving  Friends: 

            15. You should have loving friends so that you can share your happiness or sorrow with them. Be a member of Social Groups like Business Network International(BNI) and/or The Rotary International.
            16. A  Freind in need is a friend indeed. Your friendship should be based upon mutual Trust and Respect, which will last for time immemorial.

            17. 4. Plan Your Finances(SIIP):

              1. You should have your finances should be well in place and you should manage your money very well.
              2.  This is a very broad subject.
              3. You must save money regularly, spend money judiciously, Invest, Insure and Plan all these 4 elements so that you have financially free.
            18. 5.Physical & Mental Fitness:(Mind Map 2)

            19. Breathing Exercises and MeditationBenefits of Brisk Walk for living life fully

              1. Join Brahmavidya and Practice Breathing Exercises for 45 Minutes and Meditation for 30 minutes and go for a brisk walk for 45 minutes on a daily basis to build a strong body and mind to experience Energy and Enthusiasm to live life fully.
              2. I am quoting below what Dr Neil Bernard has said while stressing the importance of vegan diet quotes as under,” The  National Institutes of Health of the US government then in 2003 asked us to do a research study similar study but in people who had type 2 diabetes and what  did was we tested a vegan diet versus what we call Ada guidelines as the American Diabetes Association and what that means is lower your calories don’t eat too much carbohydrates in a more traditional diabetes diet and what we track when people have diabetes is something called hemoglobin A1c and hemoglobin A1c is just an a a way of measuring your glucose control find measure blood glucose directly it varies during the day it goes up it goes down it goes up then goes down but hemoglobin A1c stays more stable it reflects blood glucose control for a period of about three months and it should be below seven and our patients were not below 7 they were all around 8 to start and the people on the conventional diet thing improved good they did better from 7.9 to 7.5 that’s good but the people on the vegan diet and a drop from 8.1 down to 6.8 that’s enormous they’re better than any of the oral medicines that we use for diabetes if you have a medicine that does that that is a fantastic medicine so what we do and we also tracked LDL cholesterol bad cholesterol and it drops dramatically cholesterol do not eating animal fat so we then looked at every study that had ever been done using plant-based diet for people with type 2 diabetes .”

                Vegan Diet for living Life fully.
                Vegan Diet for Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes


              4. 6. Know your Purpose:
              5. you must know your purpose ( Your Why); why are you living; you must find your purpose. Your purpose should be bigger than your own self.  What I mean is my vision is to Inspire, Educate and  Empower 1,000,000  people to live medicine free life and attract Abundance in every area of life and my mission or my job is on a weekly basis to conduct two free webinars every week to Inspire, Educate and  Empower at least 100 people to live a medicine-free life.
        2. 7. Persistence:
        3. Not giving up until you achieve your Goal is the biggest quality to live life fully. 
        4. 8. Charity:
        5. Your Life is for helping others. It is all about sharing and caring and giving others what you have.  You can not give what you do not have. You must give back at least 10% of Gross monthly earnings by way of charity, to the Society. 
      • Conclusion:
        1. I’m confident if you meditate on the above eight Poiters for 5 minutes each, you will get some hints or Clues on how to live life fully. And if you still  have any queries or questions please write to me and visit my website:
        3. Vijay Wadagbalkar
        4. Healthy Lifestyle & Abundance Expert
        10. Email: [email protected]

      1.Is Health your responsibility or that of your Family Doctor?
      Health is your Personal Responsibility.
      ¨Hippocrates, Founder of Modern Medicine has said 2000 years back “ Doctors of the future will not treat the human body with medicine but by food as medicine, thus using the concept of “ food thy be your medicine.”
      ¨“Get rid of all your lifestyle-related diseases like BP. Diabetes, stroke, and obesity by eating Whole Food Plant-based food- says China Study.

      2.What is a lifestyle disease?

      Home-Adopt Healthy Lifestyle To Live Medicine Free & Life Of Abundance.
      All diseases which are caused due to wrong Breathing, Wrong Eating or Sleeping or other wrong habits such as smoking or consumption of regular fast foods, high cholesterol or animal products such as red meat, chicken, fish and /or dairy products lead to or are the primary causes of all the lifestyle-related diseases such as Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Heart disease or Type2 Diabetes.

      3.How do u prevent a lifestyle disease?
      A Lifestyle-related disease such as Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Heart disease or Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed only by changes in 3 key areas of your Life, viz., Your Breath, Your Eating Habits or Exercising Habits and Your Thinking. Just as a businessman takes stock of his stock-in-trade say slow-moving and fast-moving stock periodically so that he maximizes his Profits, similarly you should take stock of your good habits vis-a-vis his bad habits. Empowering your breath and enhancing your lungs capacity by regular practising Breathing Exercises and Meditation, which in turn will build a strong Immune System ( visit:


      10 Tips- Reversal Of Lifestyle Diseases

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