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Brisk Walk Guide

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I am Vijay Wadagbalkar, a Company Secretary with 25 years of corporate experience as Company Secretary now turned into a Health Care Professional and can certainly guide you on how Brisk Walk can ensure Good Health.

I am a Professionally Certified Diabetes Educator from Indo Vietnam Medical Board and a Brahmavidya Children’s Course Teacher and as a NICE ( network of Influenza Care Expert) TEAM of 450 Members have helped 50,000+ corona + patients to cure viral fever with zero medication, zero mortality, zero hospitalization under the Leadership of my Mentor Dr Biswaroop Chowdhari (Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury: Indo-Vietnam Medical Board I have experienced that by eating the Right Food ( Whole Food Plant-Based Diet ) I have cured my 5-year diabetes, lost 11kg of excess weight, High BP, and Thyroid, all with zero medication. My mission is to Inspire, Educate and Empower 1000,000 people to live medicine-free life and attract abundance in every area of their life. Feel free to contact me  and my Mobile number is 9819984661 and my email address is [email protected].

Can’t do vigorous exercises like aerobics, treadmill, cycling, and yoga? Who said that’s essential for keeping fit?


They are very good and effective,  but they are not the end-all. However, if you simply go for a brisk walk in the nearby park or along the road is good enough to maintain your overall health. Unlike other exercises, walking is free and does not need any special equipment or training, and can be done any time of the day.

Kindly ensure you are doing it right and are regular at it, and you would be amazed to see what good it can do to you. During the walk wear loose, comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear to get the best results.

The following are the Brisk Walk Benefits:

1.   How to do Brisk Walk for weight loss

It is said that 40-45 minutes of brisk walk burns 300 calories, and burning calories mean weight loss.

2.Brisk Walk Prevents disease

Many Physicians advise that regular brisk walking prevents or keeps in control of many conditions. It reduces the risk of heart disease,  stroke and while increasing the level of HDL or good cholesterol and lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol, and also lowers blood pressure. It is observed that 15 minutes walk after each meal can reduce blood sugar levels for over 24 hours.

3.Strengthen your bones and muscles.

It has been observed that Walking not only prevents loss of bone mass in people with osteoporosis but also stimulates and strengthens bones, increasing their density.
Brisk Walk tones your leg and abdominal muscles — and if you are in the habit of swinging your arms while walking, it also tones the arms muscles.
Make sure, you pay attention to your posture while walking, it can help tone your abs and also shape your waist too. Right posture for walking keeps your head up; your neck, shoulders, and back are absolutely relaxed; your lower stomach muscles slightly pulled in and your back is straight and not arched. There has been extensive research that walking prevents loss of bone mass amongst people with osteoporosis.  It also stimulates and strengthens bones, increasing their density.

4.  Supports joints:

It has been observed that the joint cartilage has no direct blood supply and gets its nutrition from the joint fluid that circulates as we move. Walking squeezes the cartilage, bringing oxygen and nutrients into that area. Not walking deprives the joints of life-giving fluid, which can speed deterioration.

5.Energy booster:

A brisk walk also boosts your energy level. It improves circulation and increases blood supply to the entire body, helping you feel energetic and alert all through the day. Energy is Everything and Everything is Energy.

6.Brisk Walk Boosts Vitamin D:

It has been observed that you don’t get essential and important nutrient Vitamin D from the Food. However, if you develop the habit of walking outdoors during sunlight hours, it will help you absorb vitamin D through your skin. Lack of Vietnam D can cause all lifestyle-related diseases, hence it’s very inspiring and important to develop a healthy habit of going for a daily brisk walk for 30-40 minutes.

7.Lifts your mood:

It has been observed that brisk walk activity too has the ability to release feel-good endorphins(happy chemical hormones)   into the bloodstream, reducing stress and anxiety and thus boost your mood. . And brisk walk in a group helps you banish the feeling of isolation and loneliness, especially if you are in a group and also chat while walking.Brisk Walk Benefits

Brisk Walking is an Energy Booster.

8. Improves sleep:

Studies have shown that people who walk an hour a day are more likely to keep away from insomnia problem and get a good quality sleep. 7-8 hours of quality sleep between 10.30 pm and 5.30 am is absolutely necessary to build the immune system and internal key body organs gets healing then.

9. Reverses the damage from prolonged sitting:

My observation has been If you are sitting all day @ your desk at the office or on your couch at home, take frequent breaks for short strolls, say even short walks (say 5-10 minutes) several times a day activates muscles and blood flow and helps reverse the damage caused to leg arteries.

10 Boosts immune system:

Physiotherapists believe that 30-45 minutes of brisk walk daily can boost the immune system; people who walk or exercise on a regular basis fall less sick than those who don’t go for a brisk walk.

Immunity, as you all know, in this challenging Carona Times, is so vital that you must build a strong immune system of yours by Eating the Right Food, viz., Whole Food Plant-Based Diet, eliminate Animal Products including milk and milk products, and all processed and refined foods.

Kindly make sure you Eat the Right Food and do regular Brisk Walk to build your strong immune system.

11.Improves breathing:

As you are aware that Oxygen is needed for the proper functioning of the body. It is the function of your lungs to provide oxygen to every cell in the body.

However, it has been noticed that an average adult uses hardly 10% of his lungs capacity. Our sedentary lifestyle is the main cause of hard and inflexible lungs.

They need 60 minutes of consistent, moderately intense movement daily like a brisk walk of 30 minutes and of 30 minutes regular practice of breathing exercise and meditation is important to work out your lungs.


Brisk walking , Yoga and Meditation

It also helps to cleanse the lungs of the environmental pollutants viz., allergens, dust and smoke that enter our lungs on a day-to-day basis.

Brisk Walking is a very good and safe exercise but as with other exercises, one should be careful and never overdo it, especially if you are above 40 years and haven’t exercised in a long time.

A brisk walk is a good way for people who face frequent acidity problems to ease themselves into a more active lifestyle.

The other forms of exercise require investment in tools, however, brisk walking has a lower risk of injury and is also a low or minimal cost activity.



The researchers concluded that there may be a link between brisk walking a reduced risk of death from all causes or from cardiovascular disease compared with walking at a slow pace.


Brisk walking and other types of moderate aerobic exercise have many health benefits, such as reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

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