10 Tips- Reversal Of Lifestyle Diseases

    1. My Introduction-:Vijay Wadagbalkar , Your Mentor
      Vijay Wadagbalkar, Your Mentor for Reversal of Lifestyle Diseases



    • Benefits of Brisk Walk for reversal of Lifestyle Related Diseases
    • 1.   How to do Brisk Walk for weight loss

    • It is said that 40-45 minutes of brisk walk burns 300 calories, and burning calories mean weight loss.
    • 2.Brisk Walk Prevents disease

    • Many Physicians advise that regular brisk walking prevents or keeps in control of many conditions. It reduces the risk of heart disease,  stroke and while increasing the level of HDL or good cholesterol and lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol, and also lowers blood pressure. It is observed that 15 minutes walk after each meal can reduce blood sugar levels for over 24 hours.
    • 3.Strengthen your bones and muscles.

    • It has been observed that Walking not only prevents loss of bone mass in people with osteoporosis but also stimulates and strengthens bones, increasing their density.
    • Brisk Walk tones your leg and abdominal muscles — and if you are in the habit of swinging your arms while walking, it also tones the arms muscles.
    • 4.Energy booster:

    • A brisk walk also boosts your energy level. It improves circulation and increases blood supply to the entire body, helping you feel energetic and alert all through the day. Energy is Everything and Everything is Energy.
    • 5.Brisk Walk Boosts Vitamin D:

    • It has been observed that you don’t get essential and important nutrient Vitamin D from the Food. However, if you develop the habit of walking outdoors during sunlight hours, it will help you absorb vitamin D through your skin.
    • Brisk Walk for boosting Immunity and Life Energy


    •  If you adopt a healthy lifestyle by empowering your Breath and Thought by regular practice of Breathing Exercises and Meditation, Eat the Right Food such as a vegan diet and regular brisk walk, then disease just will not enter your body and you can live Medicinefree life.
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    Is Health your responsibility or that of your Family Doctor?

    Health is your Personal Responsibility.

    ¨Hippocrates, Founder of Modern Medicine has said 2000 years back “ Doctors of the future will not treat the human body with medicine but by food as medicine, thus using the concept of “ food thy be your medicine.”

    ¨“Get rid of all your lifestyle-related diseases like BP. Diabetes, stroke, and obesity by eating Whole Food Plant-based food- says China Study.

    What is a lifestyle disease?


    Home-Adopt Healthy Lifestyle To Live Medicine Free & Life Of Abundance.

    All diseases which are caused due to wrong Breathing, Wrong Eating or Sleeping or other wrong habits such as smoking or consumption of regular fast foods, high cholesterol or animal products such as red meat, chicken, fish and /or dairy products lead to or are the primary causes of all the lifestyle-related diseases such as Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Heart disease or Type2 Diabetes.

    How do u reverse a lifestyle disease?

    A Lifestyle-related disease such as Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Heart disease or Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed only by changes in 3 key areas of your Life, viz., Your Breath, Your Eating Habits or Exercising Habits and Your Thinking. Just as a businessman takes stock of his stock-in-trade say slow-moving and fast-moving stock periodically so that he maximizes his Profits, similarly you should take stock of your good habits vis-a-vis his bad habits. Empowering your breath and enhancing your lungs capacity by regular practising Breathing Exercises and Meditation, which in turn will build a strong Immune System ( visit:http://www.brahmavidya.net)


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